Effect of whey protein coating on Physic-Chemical properties of gutted Kilka during frozen storage



 The a im of th is paper was to study the effects w hey pro t e in c oat i ng on ch e m ic al a nd physic al properties of gut t ed K i l ka dur i ng f roz en stor a ge. Coating of Kilka has done by dipping in whey protein solution with different concentrations of 3, 7, 10 and 13%, for 1h. Then, after being packed in polyethylene dishes, they were covered in cellophane blanket and stored in -18°C. There were 125 testing and control packages, each of them weight 250grams. Heme iron, peroxide value, protein, lipid and pH has measured after 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 months storage in freezer. R e s u l ts of h e me iron, p e roxi de v a l ue and lipid of control tr e at m ents h a ve s hown s i gni f icant difference among ex p e r i m ent al tr e at m ents (p < 0.05). P ro t e in and pH v a lue of control tr e at m ents did not show significant difference with other treatments (p>0.05). Our results showed that coating process with di ff e r e nt whey pro t e in con c entrat i on leads to decrease in peroxide value and increases the iron content. 13% whey protein concentration was provided the most satisfactory results.