This is a scientific journal reporting on research in aquatic disciplines related to fisheries. IJFS is published four times per annum under permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 Research papers on fisheries and fishery-related subjects will be considered for publication. All material submitted must be original and unpublished works. Three categories of papers are considered for publication: “Original research papers”, “Short communications” and “Reviews”.

 Result of the living various species (contains animals and vegetal species) in various aquatic ecosystems, methods of propagation and culture of high value aquatic resources, pollutant agents and their effects to the environments of aquatic species, feeding, health and diseases of aquatic species, Research on fish processing and producing new products, approaching the best protection and stocks recovering and sustainable exploitation from live resources  and finally economic and social aspects of fisheries are the main scopes of the journal.

 The journal has been published since 1999 by the Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI) , Iran.




Current Issue: Volume 19, Issue 3, Spring 2020, Pages 1024-1637 

3. Feeding frequency influences the growth performance of yellowfin seabream (Acanthopagrus arabicus) in cage culture

Pages 1073-1082

N Ahmad; Jamal A. Siddiqui Pirzada; Khan Mir Khan; A Ali; Farah Naz Khokhar; S.A Amir

5. Sublethal effects of the herbicide thiobencarb on fecundity, histopathological and biochemical changes in the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Pages 1589-1614

Nashwa S. Elias; Gamal E. Abouelghar; Hassan M. Sobhy; Hala F. Elmeniawy; Ebthal G. Elsaiedy

9. Reproduction and life span characterization of Artemia urmiana in Lake Urmia, Iran (Branchiopoda: Anostraca)

Pages 1344-1358

ramin manaffar; naseh Abdolahzadeh; golchin MoosaviToomatari; samad Zare; patrick Sorgeloos; peter Bossier; gilbert Van Stappen

11. Efficacy of phytase enzyme and citric acid on growth performance, nutrients and mineral digestibility of Cirrhinus mrigala fingerlings fed guar meal-based diet

Pages 1573-1588

Syed Makhdoom Hussain; Nisar Ahmad; Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad; Arshad Javid; Nosheen Aslam; Majid Hussain; Zubair ul Hassan Arsalan; Danish Riaz

12. Definite diagnosis of viral haemorrhagic septicaemia infected farmed rainbow trout and histopathologic study of acutely diseased fish in Iran

Pages 1556-1572

Roya Rahnama; Masoud Reza Seyfiabad Shapouri; Rahim Peyghan; Anahita Rezaie; Nastaran Shahbazian

17. Lysine and methionine supplementation in high soy protein content diets for silvery-black porgy (Sparidentex hasta) juveniles

Pages 1329-1343

Morteza Yaghoubi; Mansour Torfi mozanzadeh; Jasem Ghafle Marammazi; Omid Safari; Fatemeh Hekmatpour; Enric Gisbert

20. Lipid utilization, protein sparing effects and protein requirement of all male Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus, 1758) in underground brackish water

Pages 1517-1531

mohammad mohammadi; habib sarsangi aliabad; farhad rajabipour; nasrin mashaii; ahmad bitaraf; mahmoud hafeziyeh; ahmad imani

25. Hematite-biochemical and immune response of Caspian brown trout (Salmo troutta caspius, Kessler, 1877) juveniles fed different levels of spirulina (Spirulina platensis)

Pages 1153-1174

A Meshkat Roohani; M Fallahi Kapoorchali; A Abedian Kenari; M Sayyad Borani; S.J Zorriezahra; A.H Smailey

34. The effect of Spirulina on reproductive parameters, body composition, immune indices and digestive enzyme in dwarf gourami (Trichogaster lalius)

Pages 1280-1291

manizheh Biabani Asrami; Mohammad Sudagar; Siamak Yousefi Siahkalroodi; Mohammad Mazandarani

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