Age, growth and length at first maturity of Otolithes ruber in the Northwestern part of the Persian Gulf, based on age estimation using otolith



  Estimates of age, growth parameters, length-weight relationship and length and age at first maturity of the otolithes ruber are required for fishery management. We used counting annuli on the section of sagittal otoliths to age O.ruber from the Northwest Persian Gulf in south of Iran. Estimated ages ranged from 0 to 6 years, and maximum frequency of fishes was observed in age-group 1. The values of growth parameters L∞, k and to were calculated by von Bertalanffy model and the results were 67.57 (cm), 0.27 (year-1) and -0.43 respectively. Parameters b and an in length-weight relationship were calculated 3.19 and 0.005 respectively. Length and age at first maturity were estimated 28 cm and 1.55 year.