Identification of bester hybrids (female Huso huso Linnaeus, 1758 and male sterlet Acipenser ruthenus Linnaeus, 1758) using AFLP molecular technique



  In this study Amplified Fragment Length
Polymorphism (AFLP) was applied to species identification of bester hybrids.
Hybrids identification was performed by comparison of electrophoresis profiles
with parental species. The simultaneous occurrence of diagnostic bands fixed in
the parental species, genetic distance and identification and cluster analyses
(UPGMA) allow a correct identification. We used 8 primer combinations (Eco+3,
Mse+4) and a total of 250 bands (size range 40-1000 bp) were generated.
Primer combinations of (E-AAT, M-CGAT) and (E-AAG, M-CGAT)
produced diagnostic bands in hybrids and parental species. Moreover, the
results of genetic identification showed that Bester hybrids are more similar
to beluga (Huso huso) (0.68) in comparison with sterlet (Acipenser
ruthenus) (0.45).  The results suggested
that this technique could be suitable for precise identification of species and
inter-generic hybrids like bester.