Antibiotic resistance pattern of some Vibrio strains isolated



present study was aimed to evaluate the antimicrobial resistance and the
presence of antibiotic resistance genes in Vibrios spp. isolated from
seafood. A total of 72 isolates of Vibrio in 6 species including
V. parahaemolyticus, V. vulnificus, V. alginolyticus, V.
harveyi, V. mimicus and V. cholerae were examined. The results revealed that all
isolates were expressing multiple antibiotic resistances. Of the 72 strains tested, 70 were resistant
to ampicillin (97.2%), 60 to gentamycin (83.3%) and 56 to penicillin (77.7%).
Eight strains were resistant to 4 antibiotic, 19 resistant to five antibiotics,
10 to six antibiotics, 34 to seven antibiotics and one to eight antibiotics. Results also revealed that 20 Vibrio
strains (27.7% of total examined strains) contained one to three of the
antibiotic resistance genes. StrB, tetS and ermB genes
coding for streptomycin, tetracycline and erythromycin resistance were found in
18, 6, 5 isolates, respectively and Sulfamethoxazole resistance gene, sul2,
was not detected in this study. Detection of resistance
genes in Vibrio strains obtained from seafood is considered as a
potential danger for consumers and also suggests that these resistance
determinants might be further disseminated in habitats, thus constituting a
serious health risks to human.