Reproduction biology of chub living in Lake Hafik



In this study, the
reproductive biology of chub population in Hafik Lake was investigated. 242
samples were caught between April and November 2009. The age of S. cephalus
samples were found to range between I-VIII in addition, 153 of them were
female and 89 were male. Their fork lengths changed between 114-332 mm, and body weights
were between 22.5 and 550.3
g. Male specimens were determined to reach sexual
maturity at II and III age, while females reached at III and IV years of age.
The smallest female individual at sexual maturity had 114 mm of fork length and 27.3 g, while the smallest
male at sexual maturity had 118
mm of fork length and 24.2 g. The mean
gonadosomatic index of male and female specimens were found highest in April (12.33, 8.02) and May (8.37, 4.64)
and minimum in August (2.39, 1.22). Egg diameters of chub individuals were
measured between 343 µm and 1900 µm. The egg number in per one gram ovary was
maximum in August, and minimum in April and May. S. cephalus was
determined to lay eggs in Hafik Lake towards the end of April, which continued
until the end of July. Maximum fecundity in population was observed as 151302 in the specimen at
the age of VI.