Population structure of Killifish, Aphanius anatoliae (Cyprinodontidae) endemic to Anatolia in Lake Eğirdir-Isparta (Turkey)



population structure of Aphanius
anatoliae in Lake Eğirdir-Isparta-Turkey was studied, using 522 fish monthly in 2008. This
study were observed in the number of individuals of each sex, age, weight and size
compositions. In addition, the total length-weight relationship was calculated
as well as the Von Bertalanffy growth equation. A study of the food uptake
throughout the year has been carried by examination of the content of the digestive
track. Males made up 51.92%, and females 48.08% of the population. The length-weight
relationship and Von Bertalanffy growth equation were estimated as W= 0.0232 e 0.098L,
r=0.8262, Lt = 54.51 (1 – e –0.279 ( t+1.345)),
respectively. Bacillariophyta, Gammarus
pulex and aquatic insecta are the major food items for Aphanius anatoliae.