Feeding habits and stomach contents of Silver Sillago,



study investigated the stomach content of Sillago sihama in
Hormuzgan Province waters located in the northern Persian Gulf from October
2009 to March 2010. The stomach analysis was carried
out using frequency of occurrence and numeric methods. Diatoms, blue- green
algae and dinoflagellates constituted main food of plant origin. Diatoms were
found to be the most preferable food of plant origin where it occurred in more
than 60.8% of food item by number and 59.5% by occurrence. Crustacean
including crabs and their larvae, shrimps, copepods, eggs and larval forms
comprised the maximum part of the food of animal origin. It was concluded that Sillago
sihama in the Coastal waters of Hormuzgan Province is planktonivorous and feeding
on a wide range of food of planktonic and benthic organisms.