Description of the ovarian follicle maturation of the migratory adult female bulatmai barbel (Luciobarbus capito,Güldenstädt 1772) in captivity



The study aimed to investigate the maturation process of ovarian follicles and ovary structure of migratory form of female Bulatmai barbel (Lucioarbus capito). The histology of oogenesis coincided with that known from most teleosts. The ovarian structure was found to be cytovarian. The development of the oocytes is started from early May along with spawning and the degeneration of matured oocytes. The oocytes’ development continues during summer and early fall and the ovary undergoes a dormant period in fall and winter. In the next spring, the next phase of oocyte development started along with the rising of water-temperature. During May and June the development of the oocytes is completed and the final maturation can occur if the environmental conditions are suitable. The Gonadosomatic Index values show a concordance with the oocyts maturation in the ovaries. The reproductive strategy, with long spawning periods during spawning season, found to be batch spawner with asynchronous oogenesis pattern. The results show that it can be matured while captivity.