Growth performance of Indian minor carp Labeo bata fed varying inclusions of fermented fish-offal and mulberry leaf meal based-diets



Fermented mixtures containing fish-offal meal (FOM) and mulberry leaf meal (MLM) were used as protein supplement to partially replace fish meal (FM) in the formulation of diets for the Indian minor carp Labeo bata. The diets included a reference diet (20 % FM), three diets of fermented mixture of FOM and MLM (T2–T4) replacing 50 to 75 % of FM. Formulation of diet with 30 % FOM, 24 % MLM and 5 % FM, thereby replacing 75 % of FM, appeared to be the best diet in terms of growth of the L. bata fingerlings. It was concluded that effectiveness of fermented FOM in replacing FM could be substantially increased by limited inclusion of MLM in the formulation of diet of minor carp.