Effects of Zingiber officinale powder on growth parameters, survival rate and biochemical composition of body in juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio)



This study was conducted with different levels (0, 0.25, 0.5,1,2 g) of Zingiber officinale powder per 100 g of common carp commercial diet. Feed was offered for 8 weeks by the post pelleting liquid spraying method. Results showed that there were significant differences in all growth parameters and body composition except in survival rate, Gain Weight Percent (GW%) ,SGR and NFE between treatments (p < /em><0.05). Significant differences were also detected in GW % between control group and the last two treatments but there were no significant differences in SGR index between control group and the group fed diets containing 2 g ginger/per100g diet (p < /em><0.05). No significant differences were observed in their length, growth, survival rate as well as NFE (p < /em>>0.05). Also, Kruskall-Wallis test found significant difference in the amount of carbohydrate and body fiber (p < /em><0.05). The best results for growth performance, protein, lipid, and energy were found in the group fed maximum dosage of ginger powder in carp commercial diet and lowest values for these parameters were seen in the control group. Additionally, there were high amount of carbohydrate and low amount of fiber in this group. Higher level of ash was reported in the third treatment. We may therefore conclude that using Z. officinale at higher levels can be an efficacious medicine to improve quality and quantity of juvenile Cyprinus carpio growth and muscle.