Myxobolus spp. (Myxosporea: Myxobolidea) from fishes of the Zayandeh-Rud River (Esfahan, Iran); new hosts and locality record



In a parasitic survey of the native and introduced fishes in the Zayandehrud River, 5 Myxobolus spp. were found in the gills, fins and skin of examined fish specimens. They include M. varicorhini from fin and M. samgoricus from skin of Capoeta damascina, M. musajevi from gills of Capoeta capoeta gracilis, Myxobolus cristatus from Capoeta aculeata, and M. saidovi from Alburnus sp. Data on the location in the hosts comparing with previous records are provided. The epidemiological importance of Myxobolus spp. in Zayandeh-rud River is also presented. In the present paper the occurrence of five Myxobolus spp. all from endemic fishes from Zayandeh-rud River (A new locality) are recorded from two new hosts; Capoeta damascina, Capoeta aculeata. M. varicorhini and M. saidovi are recorded for the first time from Iranian freshwater fishes.