New records of trematode parasites (digenea) in the banded frog (Rana camerani) and marsh frog (Rana ridibunda ridibunda) (Anura: Ranidae), from southwest of Iran



Fourteen adult frogs including six banded frog, Rana camerani and eight marsh frog, Rana ridibunda ridibunda were collected from two sites of Chahar Mahal-o-Bakhtiari province at the southwest of Iran and then were examined for helminth parasites. Only Dolichosaccus rastellus  (50%) was found in R. camerani, Skrjabinoeces similis (50%) and metacercarian cysts of Codonocephalus urniger (12.5%) were found in R. ridibunda ridibunda. This is both the first report of Dolichosaccus rastellus in R. camerani as a new host for this parasite, and of Codonocephalus urniger in Iranian frogs; also a first report of Skrijabinoeces similis in south west of Iran.