Short communication:GIS based hydro-biological parameter approach for identification of productive zones in Nanak Sagar Reservoir of Uttarakhand, India

Document Type: Research Paper


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An attempt was made to identify the productivity level of different zones of Nanak Sagar reservoir through the application of Geographical Information System (GIS). Based on biological, hydrological and soil parameters, thematic layers were created by interpolating point wise annual average value of given parameters and three models were developed using the weighted overlay method in ArcGIS v.10.1 software. On the basis of these models, the resultant area of least productivity level, poor productivity level, moderately productivity level and high productivity level were found 115.44 hectares (ha) (6.17%), 703.65 ha (37.59%), 765.52 ha (40.90%) and 287.10 ha (15.34%), respectively. It can be concluded that the integrated approach helps to explore the suitable zones for culture based capture fisheries as well as the suitable management plan for auto-recruitment of fishes within a reservoir.