Life history and other biological traits of Capoeta buhsei (Kessler,1877) in the Gharachay River, Saveh

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Abstract: Capoeta buhsei is endemic to the Namak lake and littlee is known of its life history in Iranian waters. Life history characteristics we examined in 92 specimens collected from the Gharachay River. In july and January of 2011 and October of 2012. Sampling was by Electroshoker.Observed maximum age was +4 years in female. Sex Ratio (male: female) was 1:0/73, and length –weight relationships were BW=35/55.TL 32 in male and BW=14/8TL-30/7 in female. Mean egg diameter (ED) was 0/8726 0/12mm ranging from 0/67 to 1/1 mm. Mean absolute (AF)and relative. Fecundity (RF) were 4917/2157 ( 1690/04 SE) egg/female and 69/1( 16/15SE) eggs.g-1 body weight, respectively. AF and ED were found to increase significantly with increasing fish size, wherease RF increased significantly with both fish TL and weight.