Optimization of culture condition for growth of the Aurantiochytrium sp. shy, isolated from Persian Gulf

Document Type : Research Paper


1 ph.d student at iranian fisheries research institute

2 Life science engineering Dep. Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies-University of Tehran

3 Biotechnology Dep. Faculty of Biological sciences-Alzahra University

4 Seafood Processing & Biotechnological Dep. Iranian Fisheries sciences Research Institue


In this study, a native microalgae strain with a high capability of DHA production has been isolated and purified from Mangrove shores in the Persian Gulf. Morphological and molecular identification based on 18S rRNA gene showed that the isolated strain belongs to Aurantiochytrium genus. In order to optimize the growth of this strain, various environmental factors were examined, including temperature(15, 20, 25, 30 and 35°C), salinity (10, 30 and 50 g/L) and different concentrations of nitrogen sources of Yeast extract, Peptone, Meat Extract and Monosodium glutamate, each of which being tested with 10 g/L concentrations. The findings show that the optimal growth conditions occur in 25-30°, pH 6 and presence of Meat Extract as a nitrogen source. In these conditions, the cellular biomass weight, fatty acids and DHA amounts were obtained as 7.34, 2.25 and 0.4 g/L, respectively. These results imply that the new isolated strain of Aurantiochytrium sp.shy is suitable for lipid production.