A non-invasive novel method for inducing fish growth

Document Type : Research Paper


Ankara University


An initiatory experimental study was conducted to evaluate the effects of binaural beats on fish growth performance. A 90-day trial with four triplicate groups was conducted with 240 zebrafish Danio rerio (Hamilton 1822) under aquarium conditions. Binaural beat file complexes were played for each aquarium using computer controlled directional speakers for 0 min d-1(Control), 90 min d-1, 180 min d-1 and 270 min d-1. Fish with an average initial weight of 0.26±0.001g were fed twice a day with standard commercial feeds meant for ornamental fish. Body weight gain improved significantly and the highest final body weight was observed in Group I (90 min d-1) with 0.49±0.033g, followed by the other two treatment groups, and finally the Control. Specific growth rate data similarly resulted in significant differences (p<0.05). The highest ADG (0.26±0.038) and SGR (0.31±0.034) values were found for Group I, while other treatments were found statistically equal and all represented significantly higher values than the Control. Improved FE was also observed in Group I. These results support the enhancing effects of binaural beats on growth performance and feed utilization in D. rerio. The system and the procedure followed in this study hold the promise of being regarded as eco-friendly and non-invasive growth promoters for fish.