Production of breaded kilka (Clupeonella cultriventris) using two different batters and determination of chemical, microbial and sensory properties

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Islamic azad University

2 Iranian Fisheries Research Organization


With considering the abundant sources of Kilka fish in Caspian Sea, the aim of this study was to produce a new product from Kilka in industrial scale with two different types of batters (simple and tempura batter) in order to increase human consumption and evaluation of chemical, microbial and sensory properties.The Kilka fish were battered in the  simple and tempura batter, then the fish were breaded with conventional breading crumbs and then pre-fried at 170°C for 30 sec in sunflower oil .The fried samples were immediately frozen through continuous method at -40°C in a spiral freezer and they were packaged. The samples were kept  at -18°C. Chemical, microbial and sensory properties were performed on the fried breaded Kilka fish a day after freezing.  There were no significant difference found  in protein, fat and ash contents of raw breaded Kilka prepared from tempura and simple batters (P≥0.05) But there was significant difference in moisture content of raw breaded Kilka  prepared from two batters (P<0.05). There was a significant difference in moisture and fat contents between raw and fried breaded Kilka by both tempura and simple batters (P<0.05) with lower moisture content and higher fat content in fried breaded Kilka. For determination of microbiological quality of breaded kilka, Total Bacteria Count (TBC) and Total Colifirms (TC) and E. coli were determined. The produced breaded Kilka with two types of batters were proper from the hygienic view point. Comparing TC and TBC of breaded Kilka products with different batters showed that the breaded Kilka with tempura batter is in a better status. There were significant differences in some sensory properties of breaded Kilka with simple and tempura batters like odor, cohesiveness of batter and general acceptability (P<0.05). Among all determined characteristics, the breaded Kilka with tempura batter had higher scores than the one with simple batter.