Effects of Aloe vera extract on growth and some hematological parameters of shirbot, Tor grypus (Heckel, 1843)

Document Type : Research Paper


Shahid Chamran


A feeding trial was conducted for sixty continuouse days to determine the effect of dietary Aloe vera on parameters related to growth rate, health status and hematological parameters of shirbot (Barbus grypus). Two hundred and forty fish weighing 50-60 g were randomly subjected to four different treatment, including control, T1 (0.1% of Aloe vera), T2 (0.2%) and T3 (0.5%) in triplicate. Hematological parameters and some growth parameters, including the body weight, total length, condition factor, feed conversion ratio, feed efficiency, specific growth rate and protein efficiency ratio were measured. Administration of fish to different concentrations of Aloe vera extract led to significant (P<0.05) increase in total erythrocyte count, packed cell volume, hemoglobin when compared with the control group. Mean of corpuscular hemoglobin concentration has been increased only in T2 and T3 in comparison with control. When animal received daily 5% of Aloe vera showed a significant increase (29%) in white blood cells (P<0.05). Growth parameters have been improved by addition of different Aloe vera concentrations to fish food. According to obtained results, it might be concluded that the feeding of this species by Aloe vera extract could likely enhance the growth rate and also hematological parameters.