Synthesis of Nano silver and copper by chemical reduction method to produce of NanoTiO2 composites (based on Ag & copper) antimicrobial nanocoated packaging to increase the shelf life of caviar (Huso huso fish fillets)

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By chemical reduction method and incorporating of Ag and Cu nanoparticles in TiO2 composite, a TiO2/Ag/Cu nanocomposite was synthesised with considerable antipathogenic activity against food borne microorganisms. Scanning electron microscopy analysis exhibited that Ag nanoparticles and Cu nanoparticles were homogeneously distributed into the TiO2 composite. The presence of TiO2, Ag and Cu led to higher convinced surface area, smaller particle size, reduced release of nanoparticles and more photoactivity than that of other nanocomposite in the similar studies. The antimicrobial effect of TiO2/ Ag /Cu nanocomposite demonstrated as followed E. coli > S. aureus > A. niger. ICP-MS results showed that 0/168 ppm of silver was released to caviar samples at 32th day and 62th day of experiment. The TiO2/Ag/ Cu nanocomposite also tested for packaging and results confirmed the extension of caviar shelf life and It can be concluded that utilizing TiO2/Ag/Cu nanocomposite is an ideal choice for caviar packaging.