The first report on the occurrence of Dactyloptena peterseni (Nyström, 1887) (Dactylopteriformes; Dactylopteridae) in the northern Arabian Sea


1 Marine Science Division, Department of Zoology, University of Karachi, Pakistan

2 Coastal Development and Fisheries Department, Government of Balochistan, Pakistan


The Family Dactylopteridae consists of beautifully colored flying and helmet gurnards. Their enlarged pectoral fins are week and used as a defense display or as a warning behavior (Breder, 1963). The anterior part of the large pectoral fin is used to pursuit food (Poss and Eschmeyer, 1999). The Dactylopterids are distributed widely on sandy bottoms in tropical, sub-tropical, and warm-temperate waters (Hubbs, 1933; Eschmeyer, 1986; 1990; Nelson, 1994; Owfi, 2021). These are non-commercial fishes, which mostly caught as by-catch during commercial trawling operations.