Prevalence and intensity of internal parasitic helminthes infected Black sole fish, Brachirus orientalis (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) in the Persian Gulf



This study was conducted to identify intestinal helminthes parasites. The helminthes fauna is collected from body cavity and intestines of 108 specimens of Brachirus orientalis which were obtained from Abadan port (waterfront) and investigated during the years 2009-2010. Most of the 4 species of helminthes were found in the intestine and body cavity of the examined fishes. The helminthes found was composed of 2 digenetic Trematodes (Lepocreadioides zebrine, Allocreadium brachirusii) all adults, in the intestine. The general prevalence of Lepocreadioides zebrini and Allocreadium sp. was in the intestine, 58% and 73% respectively, nematode Hysterothylacium aduncum with a prevalence of 23% was the only cestod Protocephalus sp. with 16%, except Pterobothrium sp < /i>., which was reported previously. Most parasite species found in this study have been reported for the first time from Iran and Allocreadium sp. is introduced as a new species and described here.