Reproduction characteristics of the Vimba vimba persa



Some reproduction characteristics of the Caspian Vimba, Vimba vimba persa, were studied from Oct. 2008 to Sep. 2009 in coastal waters of the Caspian Sea (Mazandaran province). 994 specimens were monthly collected from 6 fish landing sites of Ramsar, Tonekabon, Chalus, Mahmood Abad, Sari and Behshahr. The fecundity was measured using 92 specimens. This species was found to have more abundance in spring (especially April and May). The samples composed of 397(42.6%) male, 537(57.4%) female the sex ratio was M: F = 1:1.35. The advanced stages of maturity (4th & 5th) were found in April and May. The highest Gonadosomatic Index in females was in May and the lowest one was in July. The average of absolute and relative fecundities was 17198±7710 and 171.85±48.8, respectively.