A study on the production of gelatin from sturgeon fish skin



Gelatin was extracted from hydrolyses of collagen muscle bonds. Gelatin was of two types. Type A was obtained from acidic and type B from alkaline procedures. In the present study we used sturgeon fish skin to produce 25 samples of gelatin. Microbiological and chemical examinations were conducted on the gelatin samples. Based on the results obtained from the chemical examination, gelatin type A and B were composed of 15.40% and 15.30% total nitrogen, 0.30% and 0.25% CaO, 6.48% and 7.26% moisture, 1.59% and 2.89% ash, and 1.51% and 1.2% fat, respectively. The pH of gelatin A was 4.23 and that of B type was 7.00. Total count obtained from microbiological examinations was 10-70 cfu/g. The quality of gelatine prepared from sturgeon skin met the requirements of standard gelatin. Time required for production of gelatin using acidic procedure was one week whereas the production of gelatin using the alkaline procedure lasted 3 weeks. The yield of gelatin obtained from alkaline procedures (4.52%) was less than that of acidic gelatin (6.33%).