Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2010 
Morphometrics studies of Mahisefid (Rutilus frisii kutum, Kamensky, 1901) from selected rivers in the southern Caspian Sea

Pages 1-18

H. A. Abdolhay; Daud Siti Khalijah; M. Pourkazemi; Siraj Siti Shapor; S. Rezvani; Mostafa Kamal Abdul Satar; H. Hosseinzadeh Sahafi

Biochemical and histological studies of over-ripened oocyte in the Caspian brown trout (Salmo trutta caspius) to determine biomarkers for egg quality

Pages 33-48

A. Mohagheghi Samarin; B. Mojazi Amiri; M. Bahre Kazemi; M. Soltani; A. Matinfar; B. Abtahi; I. Pusti

Comparison of Soybean meal and Cottonseed meal variety Pak (CSMP) on growth and feed using in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Pages 49-60

S. Dadgar; Che Roos Bin Saad; Abdul Razak Alimon; Mohd Salleh Kamarudin; M. Nafisi Bahabadi

Effects of enriched Artemia urmiana with HUFA on growth, survival, and fatty acids composition of the Persian sturgeon larvae (Acipenser persicus)

Pages 61-72

H. Hosseinpour; M. Hafezieh; Mohd Salah Kamarudin; Che Rose Bin Saad; Mostafa Kamal Abd Sattar; N. Agh; T. Valinassab; M. Sharifian

Feeding characteristics of Neogobis caspius in the south west coastline of the Caspian Sea (Gilan Province)

Pages 127-140

A. Sarpanah Sarkohi; G. R. Ghasemzadeh; S. A. Nezami; A. Shabani; A. Christianus; B. Shabanpour; Chi Roos Bin Saad

Effects of different dietary levels of AFB1 on survival rate and growth factors of Beluga (Huso huso)

Pages 141-150

A. Sepahdari; H. A. Ebrahimzadeh Mosavi; I. Sharifpour; A. Khosravi; A. A. Motallebi; M. Mohseni; S. Kakoolaki; H.R. Pourali; A. Hallajian

Fungal contamination in rainbow trout eggs in Kermanshah province propagations with emphasis on Saprolegniaceae

Pages 151-160

N. Shahbazian; H. A. Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi; M. Soltani; A. R. Khosravi; S. Mirzargar; I. Sharifpour

Distribution pattern of coral & non coralline fish larvae in Khark & Kharko (Persian Gulf)

Pages 173-184

G. H. Vosoughi; M. R. Fatemi; M. Rabbaniha; S. Jamili; K. Gharra; M. Noorinejad