Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 2, April 2017 
Age and growth of the Mesopotamian barb, Capoeta damascina, in central Iran

Pages 511-521

S. Asadollah; N.M. Soofiani; Y. Keivany; R. Hatami

Changes in size and form in the dominant phytoplankton species in the southern Caspian Sea

Pages 522-536

A. Makhlough; H. Hassan Nasrollahzadeh Saravi; F. Eslami; S.A.G. Leroy

The effects of diet and feeding techniques on growth factors and meat quality of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Pages 639-653

J. Mazurkiewicz; L. Hoffmann; G. Czyżak-Runowska; M. Pietrzak; K. Sierpowska; W. Andrzejewski; J. Golski

Community composition and diversity of zooplankton in the northwest Persian Gulf

Pages 722-732

Z. Mokhayer; R. Mousavi Nadushan; M. Rabbaniha; M.R. Fatemi; Sh. Jamili