Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 6, November 2020 
Trophic status index and natural fisheries potential of some Iranian reservoirs

Pages 2753-2769

Alireza mirzajani; Shahram Abdolmalaki; Javad Dagigh Roohi; Hadi Babaei; Ali Abedini; Mahmoud SayadBorani

Trophic dynamics analysis and ecosystem structure for some fish species of northern Oman Sea

Pages 2804-2823

Mona Tajzadehnamin; Tooraj Valinassab; Ehsan Ramezani- Fard; Fariborz Ehteshami

A comparison between sedation using propofol and clove oil in Levantine scraper (Capoeta damascina)

Pages 2893-2900

Milad Adel; Hossien Riyahi Cholicheh; Amin Gholamhosasoosiseini; Amin Bigham Sadegh; Jalil Zorriehzahra

Effects of Cd, Cu and Zn on sperm motility indicators of the Caspian lamprey, Caspiomyzon wagneri

Pages 2943-2953

Soheil Eagderi; Bagher Mojazi Amiri; Hadi Poorbagher; Nima Nemati Mobin; Nima Pourang

Nutrient distribution in different tissues of subadult Dabry’s sturgeon, Acipenser dabryanus (Duméril, 1869)

Pages 2970-2984

Xinmei Qiao; Hai Zhou; Xiaoqian Leng; Hao Du; Jinming Wu; Shan He; Xufang Liang; Qiwei Wei; Qingsong Tan

Functional properties and antioxidant activities of protein hydrolysates from orangefin ponyfish (Photopectoralis bindus)

Pages 3001-3017

Zeinab Ramezani; Ebrahim Rajabzadeh Ghatarmi; Seyed Fakhreddin Hosseini; Joe M. Regenstein

Effect of possible probiotic strains on suppression of Vibrio and enhancement of growth in rotifer, Brachionus plicatilis

Pages 3018-3033

JAVAD SAHANDI; Patrick Sorgeloos; Xiao Hui; Xianghong Wang; Zizhong Qi; Yanfen Zheng; Xuexi Tang

Organophosphorus pesticides (diazinon, malathion and azinfos methyl) accumulation in three fish species, in south coasts of the Caspian Sea, Iran

Pages 3050-3062

REZA GOLSHANI; Ali mashinchian moradi; rezvan mousavi nadushan; Mohammadreza Fatemi; Pargol GHavam mostafavi

Plasma levels of sex steroids (testosterone, progesterone and 17β-estradiol) in Rohu Carp Labeo rohita broodstock from Khuzestan, Iran

Pages 3063-3074

homayoun Hosseinzadeh Sahafi; Simin Dehghan Madiseh; Sara Koohilai; Mansour Hamidinejad; Mohammad Velayatzadeh

Food Safety Standards and its effects on Iran's Fish Exports

Pages 3075-3085

Hossein Mohammadi; Sayed Saghaian; Milad Aminizadeh; Hanane Aghasafari

Analyses of macro benthic fauna in rocky habitats along the coast of Bushehr, Persian Gulf, Iran

Pages 3127-3150

Nasrin Azizi; Alireza Sari; Mohammadreza Fatemi; Parvin Farshchi; Rezvan Mousavi

The effects of copper-based nanoparticles on the immune system of the white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)

Pages 3170-3182

Hanieh Sadralsadati; Ali Mashinchian Moradi; Mohammad Afsharnasab; Pargol Ghavam Mostafavi; Ehsan Ramezanifard

Characterization of Vibrio alginolyticus bacteriophage recovered from shrimp ponds in south west of Iran

Pages 3183-3200

Saiwan Rezaee; Ebrahim Rajabzadeh Ghatrami; Hamid Farahmand; Issac Zamani

Spatial trends of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, related heavy metals and sediment characteristics in South Caspian Sea: Effect of depth and temporal dispersions

Pages 3221-3238

Maryam Emadi jamali; Rezvan Mousavi Nadushan; Amir Hossein Javid; Ali Mashinchiyan Moradi; Mohammad Hadi Givianrad

Antifungal activity and chemical composition of Iranian medicinal herbs against fish pathogenic fungus, Saprolegnia parasitica

Pages 3239-3254

Milad Adel; Maryam Dadar; Mohammad Jalil Zorriehzahra; Razea Elahi; Timo Stadtlander

Interaction of nitrogen and silicate fluctuations with salt stress on growth, and lipid production in Navicula sp.

Pages 3310-3326

Atefeh Saadatkhah; Hamid Sobhanian; Parzhak Zoufan; Faedeh Amini; Neda Soltani

Reproductive biology of Caspian goby, Neogobius caspius (Eichwald, 1831) in the southern Caspian Sea (Noor beach)

Pages 3345-3363

Elham Mahdipour; Mohammad Sadegh Alavi-Yeganeh; Isa Sharifpour; Harald Ahnelt