Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2013 
Genetic analysis of wild common carp, Cyprinus carpio L. in the Anzali wetland, the Caspian Sea

Pages 1-11

s. Dorafshan; M. Pourkazemi; Y. Keivany; F. Chakmedouz Qasemi

Optimal conditions for tissue growth and branch induction of Gracilariopsis persica

Pages 24-33

M. Matinfar; F. Rafiee; P. Nejatkhah Manavi; I. Joon Lee; Y.-Ki Hong

Determination of lethal concentration (LC50) values

Pages 34-44

A. Kuçukgul Gulec; B. Altinterim; O. Aksu

Concentrations of metals in water, sediment and tissues of Cyprinus carpio L., 1758 from Mogan Lake (Turkey)

Pages 44-55

S. Benzer; A. Gül; A. Gül; H. Arslan; N. Uzel; A. Gül; M. Yılmaz

Effect of water quality on hematological and biochemical parameters of Gobius niger caught in Faro lake (Sicily)

Pages 219-231

F. Fazio; C. Faggio; S. Marafioti; A. Torre; M. Sanfilippo; G. Piccione

Nutritional composition of seaweeds from the Northern

Pages 232-240

M. Mohammadi; H. Tajik; P. Hajeb

Coral relocation in Chabahar Bay, the North-east of Oman Sea

Pages 241-247

D. Ajdari; A. A. Motallebi; M. Sharifrohani; S. Sanjani; Z. Ajdari; S. Hajirezaee; Z. Zaiton Ibrahim