Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 4, October 2013 
The effect of dietary soybean meal on growth, nutrient utilization, body composition and some serum biochemistry variables of two banded seabream , Diplodus vulgaris (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1817)

Pages 749-758

Ümit Acar; Ali Türker; Ali Türker; Ali Türker; Önder Yıldırım; Önder Yıldırım; Musa Bulut; Osman Sabri Kesbiç; Osman Sabri Kesbiç; Önder Yıldırım; Sevdan Yılmaz; Osman Sabri Kesbiç

Species identification reveals mislabeling of important fish products in Iran by DNA barcoding

Pages 783-791

R Changizi; H Farahmand; M Soltani; R Asareh; Z Ghiasvand

Study on the parasites of Pseudorhombus elevatus, Psettodes erumei and Brachirus orientalis from the Persian Gulf, Iran

Pages 827-835

S.H Hosseini; S Alinezhad; I Mobedi; A Halajian; E Karimi; M.B Ahoo; M Yasemi

Histopathological changes of gill, liver and kidney in Caspian kutum exposed to Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate

Pages 887-897

A Naeemi; S Jamili; N Shabanipour; A Mashinchian; S Shariati Feizabadi

Effects of oral administration of Zataria multiflora essential oil on some blood and serum parameters in Acipenser persicus

Pages 908-915

M Sharif Rohani; M Masoumzadeh; M Haghighi; J Jalilpoor; M Pourdehghani; A Shenavar Masouleh; M Alizadeh; S Bazari Moghaddam

Digestive system anatomy of the Acipenser persicus: New features

Pages 939-946

A. R Vajhi; O Zehtabvar; M Masoudifard; M Moghim,