Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2013 
Nutritional value of freshwater mesozooplankton assemblages from Hanna Dam Lake, Iran, during a one-year study

Pages 301-319

O. Farhadian; S. Kolivand; M. Mahmoudi Khoshdarehgy; E. Ebrahimi Dorch; N. Mahboobii Soofiani

Changes of digestive enzymes activity in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) during larval ontogeny

Pages 320-334

A. Farhoudi; A. M. Abedian Kenari; R. M. Nazari; C. H. Makhdoomi

Development of disomic single-locus DNA microsatellite markers for Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) from the Caspian Sea

Pages 389-397

M. Moghim; M. Pourkazemi; S. G. Tan; S. S. Siraj; J. M. Panandam; D. Kor; M. J. Taghavi

Investigation of heavy metals accumulation in the sediment and body of carp fish in Aras River

Pages 398-410

F. Nasehi; M. Monavari; G. Naderi; M. A. Vaezi; F. Madani

The effect of aquaculture effluents on water quality parameters of Haraz River

Pages 445-453

A. Saremi; K. Saremi; M. Sadeghi; H. Sedghi

Effects of starvation and re-feeding on compensatory growth performance, plasma metabolites and IGF-I gene expression of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus, Borodin 1897)

Pages 465-483

M. Yarmohammadi; A. Shabani; M. Pourkazemi; H. Soltanloo; M. R. Imanpour; S. Ramezanpour; C. Smith-Keune; D. R. Jerry

Effects of aflatoxin B1 on growth performance, health indices, phagocytic activity and histopathological alteration in Fenneropenaeus indicus

Pages 723-737

B. Ghaednia; M. Bayat; I Sohrabi Haghdoost; A.A. Motallebi; A Sepahdari; M Mirbakhsh; M.R Mehrabi