Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 3, May 2021 
Effect of feeding level on water quality and plankton community structure in the yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco) rearing enclosure ecosystem

Pages 590-601

Yun-Long Zhang; Ying-Rui Mao; Xia Ouyang; Zi-Han Zhang; Xiao-Li Yao; Hai-Long Zhang; Ling-Yu Wang; Zhong-Bo Zhao; Qi-Xue Fan

Effect of Spirulina platensis and Azolla nilotica as feed additives on growth performance, antioxidant enzymes and fecundity of Oreochromis niloticus

Pages 846-862

Amira Abd El-daim; Amel El Asely; Mohamed Kandiel; Eman Abd El-Gawad; Hiam Elabd; Adel Shaheen; Amany A. Abbass Abbass

Identification and distribution of benthic foraminifera in coastal waters of the Persian Gulf (Bushehr Province)

Pages 863-878

Mohammad Sadr Arhami; Aria Ashja Ardalan; Parisa Nejat Khah; Babak Moghaddasi

Reproduction biology and feeding habits of the black mouth croaker, Atrobucca nibe (Jordan & Thompson, 1911), from Northwest of the Oman Sea

Pages 901-917

Ali Salarpouri; Tooraj Valinassab; Siamak Behzady; Farhad Kaymaram; Mohammad Darvishi; Reza Dehghani